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B5DNNCuration is using an "alert" from TalkWalker, set up to scour the internet for content that contains the words "Content" and "Curation."  The minimum words must be 200 words and there is no maximum word count.  The keywords can be in the title or summary of the content as well.  I have linked B5DNNCuration the blog below and set it to auto-export to the blog on a timed schedule.  It will not use content that doesn't have an image associated with it.  

Every post on the blog is done automatically through no intervention on my own with the exception of finding choice content in the queue and manually exporting it.

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Battle for ears intensifies

Aug 31 2015

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It’s been done before so why the interest in Apple’s music streaming service? HANNAH FRANCIS reports.

Last year, pop star Taylor Swift pulled her entire music catalogue from Spotify.

APPLE unveiled a new music streaming service this month that will include curated internet radio, music on demand and new artist recommendations - things that have already been on offer for years through other online platforms. So why is the spotlight, all of a sudden, on Apple's move?

What is music streaming?

Music streaming allows you to listen to music directly via the internet through your computer, mobile phone and other devices. The listener "streams" a song or album in real time rather than buying it for keeps and storing it on their computer. It's like Netflix, but for music.

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